Launching Digital Businesses

Modular Minds – We build products for a digital world

Great Ideas

We firmly believe that the future is made of ideas. That is why we attach great importance to a creative process that enables the plannable generation of great ideas.

Reliable Strategies

Even a brilliant idea is worthless without a successful implementation. Our strategies enable a high degree of planning reliability and simultaneous risk minimisation.

Agile Development

When it comes to development, quality and speed are crucial. With our agile approach we secure both aspects equally and achieve significant competitive advantages.

Amazing Solutions

Only a great product can withstand the test of time. That is why our solutions are designed with functionality, ease of use and an excellent user experience in mind.

Our Latest Launch

A great team of experts skilled in strategy, development and marketing

Even a digital product can only be as good as the people who create it. That is why only people who combine experience, talent and enthusiasm work at Modular Minds. Thanks to our great team of strategists, developers and marketing experts, we are able to implement even the most demanding projects in the highest quality. By combining the skills of our team in the best possible way, we achieve not only excellent results but also a stimulating and relaxed working atmosphere at the same time.

Market Research
In order to attain sustainable success, a deep understanding of the target market must be achieved.
Economic Evaluation
Not every exciting idea has the potential for success. With our economic evaluation, we separate the wheat from the chaff.
Target Group Analysis
A deep understanding of the target group is the basis for all product-relevant decisions and thereby enables really convincing results.
Marketing Strategy
A sophisticated and precise marketing strategy is an absolute prerequisite for continuous growth and success.
Product Branding
With a perfected branding it is possible to give the product a remarkable personality and consequently a competitive advantage.
User Experience Design
Through amazing user experience design we enhance the pleasure provided in the interaction with the product.
Full Stack Developmnet
Thanks to agile methods, our full stack developers are able to create high-quality applications in the shortest possible time.
Digital Marketing
With our many years of experience in digital marketing, we always reach the right recipient at the right time with the right message.

5 Phases Of Launching

From the first idea to a great product

Goal Definition

The foundation of everything

Only if the goals are precisely defined, measurable and realistic, it is possible to complete a project successfully.


Strategic Plan

The road to success

Reproducible success cannot be reliably achieved without a precise, holistic and sophisticated strategic plan.

Development & Coding

Creating the future

Because we understand that functionality is always the heart of a product, we attach great importance to the development process.

Product Launch

The moment of truth

After countless hours of hard work, the launch of a new product is liberating, but at the same time decisive for success.

Marketing & Growth

Data driven optimization

Since even the best product is completely worthless if nobody knows or uses it, marketing is the magic ingredient.